• Barley
Sahir Impex Private Limited offers the best quality Barley, and is one of the pioneers for the supply of this grain from India and Australia. We are having a vast network of suppliers based out of Northern Region of India and Madhya Pradesh, and our product is supplied with STRICT & STRINGENT QUALITY NORMS, assuring our customers with the best quality product delivered at the most competitive price. Our Barley is sourced from dis infected environments under the supervision of expert agriculturists, ensuring enriched nutritional values and best quality product delivered to our clients globally.

Barley is a cereal grain derived from an annual grass, is the fourth most important cereal crop in the world after rice, wheat and maize. Barley is very adaptable and is a widely grown crop. It is cultivated as a summer crop in temperate areas and as a winter crop in tropical areas. Barley has a short growing season and is also relatively drought tolerant. However, it is a tender grain and care has to be taken in all stages of its growth and harvest. Barley is used as livestock feed, human food and barley malt. While, historically, livestock consumed most of barley produced globally. Currently food and industrial consumption of barley is becoming more prominent. Barley along with corn/maize, sorghum, oats, pearl millet, finger millet and other minor millets are grouped together as coarse cereals.